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Most people slowly realize the benefits of using synthetic urine to pass workplace related drug tests. When you are addicted to a particular drug, the last thing you can do is to rely on your urine to pass a drug test. And since you can never be sure of how long a particular drug stays in your system, it is always not advisable to take chances.

As most people turn to synthetic urine, employers too are also coming up workplace urinalwith tighter measures against the use of synthetic urine. Some employers can detect whether the urine sample is from the human body or not. However, this does not mean that you are doomed. You can still pass your drug test, but you need to arm yourself with critical tips about synthetic urine.

The Product Should Contain Uric Acid

Normal urine contains a substantial amount of uric acid. Thus, any lab conducting a urine test has to test for the presence of this component as it tries to verify the authenticity of the samples given. When shopping for synthetic urine, see to it that the product contains uric acid. This should be clearly displayed on the label.

Urine Should Have the Right Temperatures

Another important consideration to look at when shopping for synthetic urine is the temperature. The rule of the thumb is that synthetic urine should be approximately 36-37 degrees Celsius when presented to the lab. The essence of having urine at this temperature range is to avoid raising suspicion about its authenticity. When shopping for synthetic urine, go for a unit with a portable heating pad and a strip to measure the temperature.

Look at the Expiry Date

urine samples in a labDid you know that synthetic urine can also expire? Thus, it is imperative to ensure that the urine sample you are buying/using has not expired. If you keep samples in your house or office desk for emergency reasons, see to it that you replace your samples accordingly. The shelf life is equally important when buying the urine and also during the submission. Never make a mistake of submitting fake urine.

Buy Your Urine From a Reputable Dealer

The demand for synthetic urine has seen people in business provide all manner of products. Some of these products work while others do not. It is therefore up to you to do your homework and ensure you buy the best product. As a tip, see the page is you looking for a reputable dealer or the best synthetic urine brands.